• Name : KAERU

  • Age : 15 y.o

  • Gender : GenderFluid

  • Release Date : June 21st, 2022

due to me not having the Pro version of carrd, his Terms Of Use will only be in his voicebanks and his Voicebanks are going to all be available on his wiki page ! (http://utau.wikidot.com/utau:kaeru)

KAERU's Designs :

Beta Version

Here is KAERU's First ever design !
Created before KAERU even had a voicebank, it as been the very first design to be assigned to him !


The V1 !
KAERU first official design used in his first voicebanks, it was heavily based off the beta design with a few changes noticeable on the hair and the tie.


Time for the V2 !
his V2 design was originaly made for a VCV bank that never went past the state of idea and the design was instead is for his act2 voicebank.
the biggest difference between the V1 and V2 are the sleeves, his hair got more natural blonde color and the design was overall O.K.


The V3 !
This design has been only used once for a voicebank called Sun n' Moon, it is the first design that actually implemented the nickname "K-Loid" ! And it was also the only design that never got a graphic version.


aahh.... The V4.
His best design yet, it his first good refsheet and the design matches 100% what vibe i wanted to give KAERU.


  • They are 15 years old

  • They are 1m60/5'2 tall

  • They weight 52.6Kg/115.9lbs

KAERU also know as K-Loid, is a virtual idol made to sing songs from around the world.
They have been released on June 21st of 2022 have by know been kept activily alive through covers and voicebanks.
the list of his voicebank probably won't stop to grow and his quality will keep improving !


  • Frogs

  • Butterflys

  • Ice cream

  • Men

  • Potatoes

  • Warm blankets

  • Sushi

  • All-you-can-eat restaurant

  • 2D & 3D animation


  • Mean peoples

  • Cockroaches

  • Coconuts

  • Being the center of attention


while having likes and dislikes, KAERU as no set personality and nothing is canon, you can perceive him the way you want and give the personality that you want.
you can change his age, likes and disklikes, reliationships !